Treating & Nourishing you…body & soul.


  • Please do not enter the salon if you have been showing symptoms of illness or are feeling unwell – Sore throat,
    temperature, cough, shortness of breath.
  • Booked appointments only.
  • We will have maximum of 10 people in the salon and individuals only with each therapist.
  • Please come in and let us know that you are here for your appointment. If the therapist is ready we will take you straight through. If the therapist is busy we will ask that you wait in your car until our therapists are ready for you. There is NO WAITING AREA available in the salon.
  • We will take your temperature as you enter the salon using a forehead thermal scanner – if your temperature is
    37.5 or less we can do your treatment. If your temperature is 37.6 or higher we will not be able to do your treatment.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer available in the salon on entry
  • Do not touch products on shelves – ask for assistance from staff